Features unknown in Windows 7

Open applications and folders the other way: Explorer.exe manages all applications and folders that are open. But if explorer.exe fails then all applications, windows ... will be closed, including the taskbar. Alternatively open a new application, press Shift, right-click Computer in the Start Menu, select Open in new process.

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+ Windows 10 product key


Minimize all windows: We want to shrink 10 or 20 windows working, entertaining, gaming at the same time? The simplest is to press the Windows key + D, or click the small bar at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Reduce the volume of other applications when receiving calls: We often encounter when using the online talk show. Right-click on the Sound icon in the system tray, select Sound, select the Communications tab, and then select the Volume level to 50% or 80% as you wish.

Successful Windows 10 User Guide

There are a considerable measure of instructional exercises and also share involvement, tips on Windows 10 for you, but since Windows 10 changed the interface excessively, unique in relation to Windows 8 product key and 8.1 preceding, from the littlest things to the more confounded ones. 

For standard PC clients, it is conceivable to learn and look at a minute is to do right. However, for tenderfoot amateurs to the PC, this change is extremely a great deal of troubles for them and it is hard to ace totally Windows 10 product key

I'm intending to compose every one as a different instructional exercise, for example, two ongoing posts that are avoiding the Windows 10 login screen and utilizing various pictures in the Look Screen yet evidently It's too short and heaps of traps with just 1.2 mouse clicks are conceivable. With the goal that won't have the capacity to compose a total article, so I chose to aggregate up for you to utilize. 

The most effective method to utilize and ace Windows 

1. Show the This PC, Network .. symbol on the Desktop 

As indicated by Microsoft default, in the wake of introducing Windows 10, the screen will just show up a Recycle Bin symbol outside the Desktop. So how to put the symbols we regularly utilize, for example, This PC (My Computer) symbol, Network, Control Panel, User's Files .. out the Desktop rapidly? If it's not too much trouble take after these guidelines: 

+ Step 1: Right-tap the Desktop and select Presonalize 

+ Step 2: Click Theme => next you pick Desktop symbol settings to introduce 

+ Stage 3: The commonplace exchange box shows up. Presently check the checkboxes for the symbols that you need to put on the work area and snap Apply and afterward OK. 

2. Kill User Account Control (UAC) 

Since Windows 7 product key onwards, Windows has added a UAC highlight to the PC, and as a matter of course it is as of now empowered to secure the PC. 


You can comprehend this sort of regurgitation, when you need to run or introduce a *. Exe record will show up a message box and request that you squeeze OK to go ahead. This is just an obstruction, obviously it will work now and again however most Windows clients impair this element to encourage irritation. 

Incapacitating User Account Control is as basic as utilizing Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. The fastest route is to type UAC in the hunt box and select Change User Account Control settings. 

At long last drag the finish of the bar down and click OK to apply. It is finished! 

Settled Full Disk 100% on Windows 10 

Full Disk 100 blunder is the most widely recognized mistake, and furthermore extremely hard to fix in the event that you are utilizing HDD. 10 clients are up to 8 individuals, others don't know how to utilize the primary working framework is Windows 8.1 and as of late introduced Windows 10 not see Full Disk long, However, there must be a trap 

Tips: First, take after the tips in the article "100% Full Disk Error on Windows 8/8.1/10 and how to settle" 

Additionally for Windows 10, do the accompanying: 

In the event that you have a RAID setup, refresh the most recent drivers, introduce illustrations drivers, and sound drivers. I urge you to do it physically as opposed to letting Microsoft naturally refresh. You can utilize full driver for Windows 10 here. 

+ Next we will handicap the Runtime Broker disconnected. 

Do as tails: You go to Settings => select System => next go to the Notifications and Actions segment and uncheck the Show me tips about Windows line. At that point restart your PC to settle the RAM and CPU higt. 

Likewise, on the off chance that you have a Full Disk 100 mistake the first run through, if it's not too much trouble be quiet, sit tight a while for it to tumble down, it might just be the first run through and next time it won't be once more. 

Kill programmed Wifi sharing 

Windows 10 has a decent component that is naturally shared Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Sense), which enables you to share or get Wifi passwords from the Windows 10 machine. or on the other hand List Friends are in your Skype, Facebook, Outlook contacts. 

The preferred standpoint is that yet the drawback is similarly unsafe 😀, others can associate effectively on the off chance that they have a secret word. Consequently, if there is no compelling reason to utilize this element, it would be ideal if you kill briefly, when you need to utilize, kindly turn it back. 

To kill this element, do the accompanying: Start => select Settings => select Network and Internet => select Wi-Fi => select Manage Wi-Fi Settings, look down to Wi-Fi Sense and kill all choices.

From July 30, Windows 10 is no longer free

If you have not upgraded your PC from Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 to Windows 10, then you should consider that. Microsoft has confirmed that July 29 will be the last day for users to upgrade to Windows 10 without paying.

The first step in alerting users of the fact that the free upgrade to Windows 10 product key is coming out of your computer is that the Get Windows 10 application is disabled. And some time later, this application will be completely removed from the system. Through this move, Microsoft seems to want to emphasize that now is the time to upgrade to Windows 10.

When Microsoft office 2016 product key launched Windows 10, they promised users would be able to upgrade to this free version in the first year in order to encourage users to upgrade. But now, "free meals" have come to an end, and from July 30 onwards, users will pay about $ 144 if they want to use Windows 10.

On the other hand, Microsoft has also hinted at this to boast of the success of Windows 10. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is currently being installed on 200 million devices operating worldwide; New Edge browser recorded 63 billion minutes of use in March (up 50% since last quarter); Cortana has answered over 6 billion questions since its launch ... And Windows 10 seems to have the highest customer satisfaction rate in the Windows operating system. Those are not bad results.

With this new confirmation from Microsoft, Windows product key users only have about two and a half months to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

The US Navy paid Microsoft $ 9 million to keep utilizing Windows XP

In spite of the way that Windows XP has been "slaughtered" Microsoft and propelled the new form to supplant, the US Navy keeps on utilizing. It even paid Microsoft $ 9 million to keep utilizing the working framework for up to 14 years. 

Microsoft authoritatively "executed" Windows XP product key last April and quit supporting and discharging patches on the working framework. In any case, Windows XP is as yet a standout amongst the most famous Windows renditions of Windows, a considerable lot of which still run Windows XP. 

To guarantee the security of utilizing this working framework, numerous enterprises, organizations ... pay Microsoft office 2010 product key a lot of cash to be US programming sellers keep on supporting their own, help defeat the defenselessness Security shows up on Windows XP. Among these substantial partnerships are the US Navy. 

In another declaration, the US Navy said it intends to update the Windows working framework utilized on its PC frameworks and is required to finish the overhaul in July. /2016. This time might be longer if things are not going great. 

Amid that time, the US Navy will consent to an arrangement to keep supporting the Windows XP working framework on its PCs until June 2017. US Navy will pay up to $ 9 million in return for help from Microsoft. 

In spite of the fact that the US Navy and Microsoft did not unveil the measure of detail that PCs running Windows XP in the US Navy expected to keep on supporting, in any case, the sum paid up to $ 9 million demonstrates the number This machine isn't little. 

"The US Navy depends on various applications and projects that keep running on Windows items. Until the point when these applications and programming are modernized or killed, the congruity of administrations is required to maintain the tasks in a productive way, "said Steven Davis, war the Navy said. 

Microsoft has said it will authoritatively "execute" and quit supporting Windows XP from April 2014, yet the US Navy has not settled on the choice to update its PC framework until the delegate. Naval commander Ted Branch, delegate president of the Navy, requested to redesign from the Windows XP form, or to evacuate PC frameworks that couldn't be moved up to the new form until April 30, 2015. 

In spite of the fact that the due date has lapsed, so far the quantity of US Navy PCs moved up to the new form of Windows has been immaterial, including PC frameworks for warships and submarines. ... has not been overhauled yet. 

Prominently, the US Navy is in a bad position with Windows XP's passing. Around 44 percent of US organizations are as yet utilizing Windows XP on no less than one PC. Most ATMs on the planet are as yet running on Windows XP. 

Propelled in August 2001, Windows XP is viewed as the best Windows rendition of Microsoft, with an expected one billion sold until April 2014. As per statistical surveying firm NetMarketShare, in spite of the fact that it has been dead for over multi year, however at present about 15% of PCs around the globe are utilizing Windows XP, behind Windows 7, with 60.98 % and Windows 8.1 product key, with 13.12%.

Windows 8.1 share increased slightly in August

The latest version of Windows continues to increase, while Windows XP product key has been down slightly in August, according to data compiled by Net Applications Research.

Accordingly, Windows 8.1 market share has reached 7.09%, up from 6.56% over the previous month, while Windows 8 has increased slightly from 5.92% to 6.28%. Windows XP and Windows 7 continued to decline slightly from 24.82% to 23.89 and 51.22% to 51.21%, respectively. Of course, these two operating systems still dominate the global user base.

Although this is a slight drop, it is a sign that things are going in the right direction for Microsoft: increasing market share of the new platform and lowering the market share of the old platform.

In addition to Windows product key, the statistics also show that Apple's Mac OS X 10.9 has grown from 4.12% to 4.29%. In contrast, the Linux OS has dropped slightly by 0.01%, from 1.68% to 1.67%.

Get the genuine Windows 8.1 product key of 2018

Installing Windows is easy, but registering them is a difficult task. So, if you have Windows 8.1 installed and do not know the Windows 8.1 product key, we're here to help. We will give you the appropriate Windows 8.1 product key of 2018 which will be 100% active. Windows 8.1 essential product activation will get you all the features of Windows 8.1.

There are many advantages to activating Windows 8.1 using the product key. Here I give you windows 8.1 professional product key free for you. You can find below, but take a look at the advantages of the Windows 8.1 product key.

Advantages of Windows 8.1 product key in 2018

Here's a list of some of the benefits of activating Windows 8 or 8.1 with the product key.

If you think your computer is slow and you do not activate Windows 10, this is the best time to activate your Windows 8.1 product key.

Your computer performance will increase 100 times compared to the original. Activate Windows 8.1 will speed up your Windows.

If you do not use any antivirus software and you rely solely on the installation of Windows, you only need to activate the Windows 8.1 product key.

The main advantage to getting Windows 8.1 is that you get all the features of Windows 8.1. On the other hand, if you do not activate Windows 8.1 with the product key, you probably will not get all the features.

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Try this activation key, this will work for you.

How to enable Windows 8.1 without activation or activation / product lock?

Are you wondering? How is it possible? Can I activate my Windows 8.1 without the Product key? Stop wondering and great, yes you can activate Windows 8.1 without product key.

Tricks to grab Windows 8.1 Product Key;

If you do not have a Windows 8.1 product key, do not worry we have tips for you.

If your previous Windows is 7 and you have a Windows 7 product key then upgrade to Windows 8.1 then your Windows 8.1 will automatically activate.

On the other hand, if your windows 10 is installed and upgraded to Windows 8.1 then your Windows 8.1 will automatically upgrade with the same product key.

Product Key List for Windows 8.1 Genuine Locks 2018




How to activate Windows 8.1 product key or Windows 8?

Close all programs if the antivirus program is running antivirus software.

Disconnect the Internet from your PC.

Launch the Windows Activation 8.1 from your computer.

Select English language

Try setting up Private Connect.

Restart your PC! Enjoy

Microsoft denies Windows 7 cause laptop battery failure

Although many say that Windows 7  product key is the cause of the battery power on the laptop, but in a recent survey by Microsoft, the company has proven that the message on the battery power on Windows 7 completely. , according to Electronista.

The report was posted by Microsoft office 2013 product key on its Developer Network blog. In the report, Microsoft engineers have conducted several tests, and reports of battery outages on Windows 7 are outright inaccurate.

There are many users complaining that the notice of the laptop battery drain on Windows 7 is not exactly accurate, in addition to the use of Windows 7 also makes their laptop batteries vulnerable to damage. Meanwhile, this problem they have not encountered when using on Windows XP or Vista.

Microsoft warns that battery life in Windows 7 is quite accurate, as Windows 7 uses a newer battery warning system, while Windows product key  XP and Vista do not.

MacBook Pro, the new Air will stop supporting Windows 7

Through a support document recently released by Apple, the 9to5Mac site revealed a detail that said that Apple will stop supporting Boot Camp to install Windows 7 in the new MacBook Pro, the Air.

Previously, the MacBook Pro, Air if you want to install a new version of Windows 7 product key on the machine, must use through a Boot Camp utility developed by Apple itself, this is also a tool provided by Apple. Hardware drivers on the machine.

However, according to the momentum of technology development as well as after the event "Spring Forward" took place on March 9, with Apple announced the new version of Macbook Pro, the new Air (also known as the 2015) The fact that Windows 7 (which Microsoft released in 2009) is no longer supported by Apple is not surprising.

Analysts say the Windows 7 replacement is Windows 10 pro product key, which will be available later this summer, and users who use Boot Camp will be forced to install Windows 10 on their computers. New Macs.

How to Reinstall Windows 7

Reinstalling Windows 7 home premium product key every six to twelve months - as opposed to never reinstalling - can help your computer run as smoothly as possible. For those who are not computer savvy or tech savvy, re-installing operating systems like Windows 7 may seem like scary tasks. Fortunately, this process has been streamlined compared to older versions of Windows product key, with very little risk of messing up. Continue reading to find out how to easily repair or reinstall Windows 7.

Currently boot fix

1 Determine what the problem is. Before performing a complete reinstallation, determine if your problem can be fixed by performing a repair fix. This will replace your operating system files that may have been corrupted. The most common use for a boot fix is to repair the Windows load chain.

If your computer is no longer loading Windows, then the boot fix may fix your boot process and allow Windows to reload.

2 Insert the Windows 7 CD. Make sure your computer is set to boot from the CD. To do this, enter the BIOS as soon as your computer boots. You will see the button below the manufacturer's logo. The most common keys are F2, F10, F12 and Del.

In the BIOS menu, navigate to the Startup menu. Select the CD / DVD or Optical Drive as the initial boot device.

Save your changes and exit the menu. Your computer will automatically restart.

3 Enter Windows Setup. Press a key when the message "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD ..." will appear on the screen. This will put you into the Windows setup. The files will load in a few minutes, and then you will see a screen asking for your Language and Time options. They must be placed correctly. Click Next to continue.

4 Click Repair your computer. This will be at the bottom left of the screen under the big "Settings Now" button. Clicking "Repair Your Computer" will take you to the System Restore Options.

The program will take a moment to look up your Windows 10 product key installation. Select your settings from the list and click Next. For most users, only one setting will be listed.

5 Select Startup Repair. The Startup Repair tool will start searching through your Windows files, searching for errors. Depending on the error found, it may propose a solution or fix them automatically.

Removing any flash drive or external hard drive, or boot repair may not work properly.

Your computer may restart several times. Do not boot from the CD while this is happening, or you will have to start the process again.

6 Click the end button. Once the repair is complete, click the Finish button to start Windows normally. If Startup Repair does not detect any errors, you will not be shown with this screen.

Perform System Restore

1 Start the System Restore tool. Depending on whether Windows is booting or not, you have two different ways to enter the System Restore tool.

If Windows does not load, follow steps 2-4 in the previous section to enter System Recovery Options. From there, select System Restore.

If you can log on to Windows, click the Start button. Select All Programs, then Accessories. Select System Tools and then click the System Restore icon.

2 Select your restore point. You can choose from restore points you have created, automatically scheduled restore points, and restore points that were made during the installation of certain Windows updates and programs. You can only restore your computer for the dates listed here.

3 Click Next, and then click Finish. Click Yes to confirm final. Your system will start the recovery process. Your computer will automatically restart during this process. Recovery can take several minutes. When you log on to Windows after the restore is completed, you will see a message telling you that the process has been completed successfully.

System Restore will not recover deleted files.

How to split hard drive in Windows

Is your C drive too large? Want to split up hard drive space into several smaller drives? Shrink Volume is one of the great, handy features of Microsoft's operating system since Windows Vista until now, helping users easily manage, split the hard drive space as you want.

Please read the article below to refer to the steps to do offline!

Steps to partition your hard drive in Windows 10 product key

First, right-click on the icon This PC> Manage (1)> select Disk Management (2)> right click on the partition to divide the space> Shrink Volume (3).

Windows 10 product key will calculate and display the capacity to split, in this step you will see in the table appear four parameters as follows:

Total size before shrink in MB: Total volume of partition, in MB (1024 MB = 1GB).

Size of available space in MB: Maximum space allowed to split.

Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB: The amount of space you want to split into a new partition (we will type the number in MB unit here, as I entered 44444MB ~ 40GB)

Total size after shrink in MB: Size remaining when we split the partition.

Click Shrink to start dividing the hard drive, depending on the hard drive space and computer configuration that will take place quickly or slowly (as in this example, 40GB split takes about 1 minute). After the split, you will see the new partition appear as black.

In order to use the new partition, we need formatting for the partition. Right-click on the black area> New Simple Volume.

This step is not complicated, you can go to Next> Next.

Leave the file system format as NTFS, and check the box in the bottom 2 boxes.

Microsoft Office 2019 will just work on Windows 10

Microsoft has uncovered that Office 2019 applications will just keep running on Windows 10 product key. On the Windows and Office administrations bolster article, Microsoft uncovered that you would need to refresh to Windows 10 on the off chance that you needed to utilize the most recent form of Office without acquiring the Office 265 bundle. 

This is unmistakably a move to push organizations still reluctant to purchase Office 365 on the grounds that Office 2019 discharges won't keep running on Windows 7 professional product key or Windows 8. This has nothing to do with Office on a Mac since it's a different item, with a totally unique discharge plan. 

Microsoft likewise changed the help time for Office 2019 with 5 years of principle bolster and "roughly 2 years of extra help." 

The Office 2019 Office suite, which will be accessible in the second 50% of 2018, incorporates commonplace applications, for example, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, alongside Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype servers for business. 

Microsoft wants to discharge a see mid-year, fundamentally for organizations not utilizing Office 365 on the cloud. They likewise stretch out Windows 10 support to organizations and clients in the instruction gather running certain OS discharges. Windows 10, 1511, 1607, 1703, and 1709 are upheld in a half year to enable clients to move to the most recent Windows 10 pro product key.

4 approaches to reset your Windows PC to its unique state

1. Reset the PC utilizing the recuperation segment 

Regularly experienced on the PC is introduced Windows product key with the permit key machine. The producer will make a parcel so clients can rapidly reestablish the PC to its unique state as it was delivered. 

This parcel is generally covered up and can not be effectively erased when the client reformats the plate. Contingent upon the producer, the Recovery Partition highlight will be covered up or shown on the PC startup screen. Furthermore, you can boot into this mode with the F key (from 1 to 12 contingent upon the line and maker's settings) when you press the power catch to begin the PC. 

Rundown of some alternate way access to recuperation mode in some PC producers: 

Acer - Alt + F10 

Asus - F9 

Dell/Alienware - F8 

HP - F11 

Lenovo - F11 

MSI - F3 

Samsung - F4 

Sony - F10 

2. Reset Windows utilizing Recovery Disks (Recovery Disk) 

On the off chance that your PC does not have a recuperation parcel, you will be provoked by the maker to join a recuperation circle when acquiring a PC with a legitimate Windows permit. 

This is typically the CD or DVD that contains every one of the information so the client can rapidly set the Windows reestablish state back to the first state instantly upon buy and will be put away in a recuperation segment on the plate. 

3. Reset your PC utilizing the "Invigorate" or "Reset" include in Windows 8 product key

In the event that you utilize Windows 8 or later, you'll be sufficiently fortunate to have Microsoft's "Invigorate" and "Reset" highlights. Because of these two highlights you most likely won't have to utilize the recuperation segment and recuperation plate at whatever point required. 

- Refresh: This choice will introduce and invigorate Windows 8 of course by the producer however keep an indistinguishable information on a similar PC from the documents, pictures, music and applications ( Desktop and Metro). 

- This alternative can be utilized on the off chance that you experience some adamant blunder on Windows that can not be settled or more all would prefer not to lose records and additionally applications are utilizing on the framework. 

- Reset: Unlike Refresh, this choice resets the Windows 8 working framework and erases all applications, records, music, pictures as you re-introduce the framework. This alternative can be utilized when you need to re-introduce the framework or exchange your PC to another client. This procedure will expect clients to enter the key of Windows 8 product key can perform. 

4. Reinstall Windows starting with no outside help to reset the PC 

In the event that your PC does not utilize any of these techniques, you can just reinstall Windows. This technique is very dull, however it will help you rapidly control Windows without any preparation. 

Also, no doubt, you should make a duplicate of Ghost directly in the wake of reinstalling Windows so you can rapidly reestablish it when required with Onekey Ghost. Wish you achievement!

Here's how to uninstall the Product key on a Windows computer

Removing a Product Key on a Windows computer will allow you to substitute another license key to reactivate your Windows PC. Especially useful in cases where you are using a trial license key, pirated license key, or illegal key.

To remove the Product key on your Windows product key computer, please refer to the following article of Network Administrator.

Steps to uninstall current produkey:

Step 1:

Open Command Prompt under Admin on your system by pressing the Windows + X key combination to open the Power User Menu, where you click Command Prompt (Admin).

Alternatively, enter cmd in the Search box on the Start Menu, then on the list of search results, right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.

Step 2:

To find the current product key, enter the following command in the Command Prompt window and press Enter: slmgr.vbs / dlv

Step 3:

At this point, the Script Host window appears, containing all the copyright information. Here you will find the Product key next to the Activation ID option. Remember to note this Product Key again.

Step 4:

To uninstall the Product key, enter the following command in the Command Prompt window and press Enter: slmgr / upk "Product Key"

UPK stands for uninstall product key. Replace the Product Key with the Product Key you noted in the previous step.

After successfully removing the product key, you will receive a successful message.

Step 6:

To install on the upgrade system, use the following command: slmgr / ipk "Product Key"

ipk stands for install product key. Replace the product key with the product key you noted in the previous step is complete.

The most effective method to change the Windows XP item key

You have introduced the working framework or entered the product key, yet now you need to transform it. How would you do it? You can utilize the Windows Activation Wizard (GUI) or the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) content. The Activation Wizard strategy is simpler, yet in the event that you need to change the windows product key for numerous PCs, the scripting technique will be better. 

* Regedit 

1 Click begin in the base left corner, at that point click run. 

2 Type 'Regedit' in the white content field and snap OK. This will open the Registry Editor. 

3 Navigate to the accompanying registry key. 

Hkey_local_machine \ Software \ Microsoft \ WindowsNT \ Current Version \ WPAEvents 

4 Right-tap on 'OOBETimer', in the registry key that you just explored to and afterward click 'Alter'. 

5 Change at least one digits to any arbitrary number. 

6 Click begin and after that snap run. 

7 Paste '% systemroot% \ system32 \ oobe \ msoobe.exe/an' into the white content field. 

8 Select 'Yes, I need to call a client benefit agent to initiate Windows', at that point click straightaway. 

9 Click "Change item key" 

10 Enter the new item enter in the little white content fields and afterward click refresh. 

11 Check in the event that you have gotten an indistinguishable message from's You have effectively actuated your duplicate of Windows. 'in the event that you do, reboot your PC, and you're finished! 

12 Make beyond any doubt you are associated with the web all the while!

The most effective method to discover a Windows XP item key

In the event that you are getting ready to reinstall Windows XP, you should discover a duplicate of your Windows XP item key - otherwise called a CD key. Commonly, this item key is on a sticker on your PC or put with the guidelines that accompanied Windows product key

In the event that you lost a duplicate of the item key, don't stress. While it is in the registry, it is encoded and confused, making it hard to discover it. 

Take after the means beneath to find your Windows XP item key: 

1 Physically finding the Windows XP item key from the registry is relatively outlandish because of the way that it is scrambled. 

Note: The manual methods used to find the item key for working frameworks, for example, Windows 95 and Windows 98 product key won't work in Windows XP. These manual methodology will just discover the item ID number, not the genuine item key utilized for establishment. Luckily for us, some free projects exist to help discover the item key. 

2 Choose the free item key hunt program that backings Windows XP. 

Note: Any item key discoverer that finds the Windows XP item key finds the Windows XP Professional item key and also the Windows XP Home item key. 

Tip: I utilized Belarc Advisor in the screen capture above. The majority of the item enter web indexes in the above connection will work fine with Windows XP, as Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder, Winkeyfinder, LicenseCrawler and ProduKey. 

Download and run the key discoverer. Take after any guidelines gave by the product. 

Most item key discoverers are extremely simple to utilize. With Belarc Advisor, finding a CD key is as simple as introducing and running the program. The outcome will open in your default web program and the item enter is found in the Software permit area. 

4 Numbers and letters are shown by the key discoverer that speaks to the Windows XP item key. 

Item key must be organized like xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx - five arrangements of five letters and numbers. 

5 Write down the item key precisely when the program shows that code for you to utilize while reinstalling Windows XP. 

Vital: If even one character is composed inaccurately, the establishment of Windows XP that you attempted with this item key will fall flat. Guarantee precise transliteration. 

Most projects that offer you item keys will enable you to trade the rundown of keys, including the Windows product key, into the content document. Others enable you to duplicate content specifically out of the program, which is valid with Belarc Advisor.

Local network connection in Windows 8

With previous Windows operating systems, to log on to a computer, you will use an account that is stored on your computer.

In Windows 8 product key, you will be signing in to using your computer on your Windows Live ID online account. This will be very convenient for users to synchronize settings, data from PC to PC as well as sync so that users can use their data on any device.

 But this also comes with interoperability issues in intranets / home networks. When you use Windows 8, if you need to access computers in your local network running Windows 7 ultimate product key, Windows Home Server ..., you will have some problems. If you know some tricks, you will easily fix these problems.

Option 1: Set up Homegroup

This article uses a Windows Home Server 2011 computer that is a data center hosting and sharing a Windows Server 2008 R2-based system.

To configure Homegroup on Windows 8, go to PC Settings (press the windows icon and press I at the same time, select More PC Settings), then select HomeGroup. Then, you set the homegroup password to start setting up the homegroup.

After making a connection, you specify the folder to share on your local network and whether to share it with other multimedia devices. Then, shut down PC Settings.

To access computers that connect to your homegroup in your local network, click HomeGroup in the navigation bar of Windows Explorer (not Network).

Method 2: Use Network shares

Setting up a homegroup is the easiest way to access a Windows 8 PC from a computer running Windows 7 home premium product key on an intranet. However, if you want to access computers that are running other versions of Windows or you want to use the Network button to access your connections, this method is not available.

In those cases, you need to use Network shares. Go to Start, type in vault in the alkaline search box and select the Settings item in the filter list appears. To the left, select Manage Windows Credentials (formerly Windows Vault), then select the Windows Credentials button. Then, select Add a Windows Credential.

In the new window, enter the name of the computer you want to connect to at the first (or type) and account name, the password you use on the computer you want to connect to, and then click OK. After you are done, Credential Manager will display the new credentials stored in Windows Credentials.

You need to restart your computer after setting up the connection (or go to Command Prompt, type NET USE and then press Enter) for the setting to take effect.

You have been able to access your local network from a Windows 8-based computer, no matter how the network is configured.

Windows 10 Startup Folder does not work step by step

Are you having trouble finding your Windows 10 boot directory? You will no longer after you read the complete guide below.

It's annoying that you can not find your startup folder in Windows 10 so let me tell you, you are not alone. That is the case with many Windows 10 users, the boot directory has not been the same since Windows 7 professional product key, so now it's a bit hard to understand when people just randomly ask you if you know your startup folder. Where you are, it's on the start menu but no it's when you are even more confused about its location. let's begin.


You think that is, but really, it's not. You can only believe that keeping the startup folder is a few clicks when you restore your windows, the fastest way to move your startup folder in windows 10 would be to click on the boot button and startup type. Does that work right?

Although it does, it directly takes you to the system level boot directory in windows 10 that applies to all system users. It does not apply to the login folder of the logged-in user.

There are a number of ways to get started with the boot menu but it will take a long time to use it fast, nothing to worry about because some of the best guides are, we'll cover some of the best ways to turn off startup folder on windows 10, check it out.


So, this is one of the shortcuts that many Windows 10 pro product key users have used and it works fine, although it is possible to use the explorer, control panel or start menu to access the main features that you search, a shortcut may be the best option to very handy.

It may be a bit of a surprise to you but in windows 10 product key architectures are some of the best hidden features, there is a whole host of special shortcuts called shell commands.


Here's how, you just hit (windows) + R will access the run dialog you've typed from the shell followed by a colon (:) and the command, something like this ===> shell : command

Just make sure you do not keep spaces between the two words and the colon because it's basically a word. Fortunately this technique to access your application is easy and concise and most people remember it quite easily.

So just keep this shortcut on your priority list when I show you some other shortcuts too.

Microsoft decided to change the logo after 25 years

with four different colored windows. On the right is a straight Microsoft text in Segoe font that has appeared on some of its recent products.

The combination of logo and text in the logo is a necessary accent in unifying many of the recent hit brands of Microsofot, especially the launch of Windows 8 and upcoming Windows Phone 8 - the set. Two important software platforms are expected to revolutionize Microsoft office 2016 product key business model.

The new logo will represent a new era in Microsoft, hoping to help users and businesses around the world realize the true potential of the company.

This is a very important time for Microsoft as it launches all of its products, including Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Xbox and the next version of Office, said Jeff Hansen, director of strategy. Microsoft brand.

Microsoft also changed its homepage in the style of Modern UI (formerly Metro).

Microsoft Surface tablet price from 6.3 million

with Intel Ivy Bridge chips will be sold for $ 700-800.

 In addition, Microsoft office 2016 product key acknowledges the view of simultaneously developing hardware and software components. This is the successful strategy of many leading technology companies (such as Apple ...).

Photorumors and Canonrumors confirm that the new Canon EOS 6D will be available today for $ 2,099 for the body. This is the latest full-frame DSLR camera Canon, in the context of Nikon has launched the D600 is equivalent.

 Original information, the Canon EOS 6D own magnesium alloy shell to help weather the harsh. The 20.2-megapixel full-frame sensor, DIGIC 5+ image processor, 11-point focus, 3-inch LCD screen does not rotate, 4.5 frames per second Full-HD video recording, full Wi-Fi and GPS.

At the iPhone 5 launch, Apple did not mention CPU speed and RAM on the device. Anandtech has confirmed that the iPhone 5 is equipped with 1GHz A6 processor and 1GB of RAM. DRAM on the iPhone 5 has a bus speed of 1.066MHz, read speed is 8.528MB / sec - 33% faster than the 6.4 MB / sec of iPhone 4S but still far behind iPad 2012.

10 things to know when utilizing Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most recent working framework from Mircrosoft, which was authoritatively propelled a year ago. Windows 10 was presented as the most capable and multitasking working framework, with highlights that channel from more seasoned forms and additionally New element created by Microsoft. 

Windows 10 is an enhanced working framework and additionally an option to the Windows 8 working framework, which is said to be most suited for versatile and work area arrangements, streamlined for both typical and touch PCs. You can likewise encounter the Windows 8.1 working framework on the off chance that you have never utilized and introduced the working framework. 

10 things to know when utilizing Window 10 will enlighten us concerning what in windows 10 can do, the enhanced highlights convey comfort to the client. You likewise have a smart thought of what to anticipate that before you redesign will Windows 10 to show signs of improvement thought of the most recent working framework. In this article taimienphi.vn will enable you to find out about this new window 10 working framework. 


1. Windows 10 enables you to utilize free in the main year before you choose whether to purchase the permit, and the refresh from windows 7 or 8 is free. 

2. In Windows 10 you can alter the "Begin menu" as per your inclinations, you can even move the Start menu outline serenely, get to the custom begin menu in windows 10 to find out about this component 

3. You can stick or unfasten envelopes or applications in the Start menu by right-tapping on an organizer and choosing pin to begin menu. 

4 Change the extent of your applications, organizers and move the area you need by moving. What's more, you can alter the size you need 

5 In Windows 10, you can rapidly and effortlessly find everything on your PC from content documents, photographs and applications. Simply open the Start menu and sort. 

6. Make a work area screen that makes it less demanding to compose your undertakings by tapping on the errand see symbol in the base left corner of the screen. 

7. Adaptable transformation between "Work area", make and erase rapidly, bolster most extreme ease of use. 

8 The "snap assit" highlight in Windows 10 pro product key gives you a chance to see the majority of the tabs and envelopes you open generally outwardly. You simply drag an envelope or any open thing to the correct corner of the screen. 

9. Microsoft office 2016 product key Edge, another program grew particularly for Windows 10. Capable, speed and elite, this is an obsolete program for Internet Explorer. 

10. In Window 10 you can tweak your bolt screen effectively, you can supplant the picture you need. To get to this component you go to the way: Setting - > Personalization - > Lock screen. Or on the other hand the quickest route is to type Lock Screen into the hunt bar. 

10 things to know when utilizing windows 10 product key to enable you to take in more about windows 10, you will have a superior involvement with this working framework. Additionally on the off chance that you need to introduce windows 10 as opposed to refreshing you can allude to articles how to introduce Windows 10 with dvd and usb to encounter the most punctual working framework.

Nokia will develop 10-inch Windows tablet?

The tablet will be powered by Qualcomm's S4 quad-core processor and will be available at Mobile World Congress 2013, Digitimes said.

If the Digitimes internal news source is correct, it seems Finnish phone company is about to enter the tabletop and compete with Microsoft office 2016 product key rival Surface RT.

Nokia is negotiating with Qualcomm as well as Microsoft to promote the development of this 10-inch tablet. Nokia will order around 200,000 S4 chips from Qualcomm in the first batch to see where the market is headed before further production, Digitimes said.

Source from the supply chain also revealed that previously Nokia has been considering the launch of Windows RT tablet, but at the last minute the company decided to postpone waiting to see the performance of the Surface.

In fact, rumors of a Windows 8 product key based tablet made by Nokia have emerged since March. Intel is rumored to be using dual-core processors and is due out soon. The market in the fourth quarter was the earliest. Just a few days later, a Nokia employee revealed that he was devoting up to a third of his working time to the tablet project, but declined to provide detailed information on the device.

However, since then, Nokia has always been closed about the plans related to tablets. The company also declined to comment on the article posted on Digitimes.

Free Windows 10 upgrade will end later this year

has been criticized for "aggressive" in recommending users to upgrade to Windows 10 immediately. However, it is still considered a good option when users do not have to spend a penny to upgrade to the latest operating system that the company will end the program later this year.

Technically, the free Windows 10 product key upgrade ended in July last year, but the company expanded the program with its own exceptions, allowing users to use older versions of Windows. Can be upgraded for free to Windows 10.

Microsoft has no plans to extend the free upgrade program to users of legacy operating systems, so if you're looking to migrate to the new Windows 10 platform, the best way to do it is Use the best decisions right now.

After the free upgrade of Windows 10 ended on December 31, 1977, Microsoft will close all of its "free" paths, and to upgrade to Windows 10 after that time, the amount that people The cost will be $ 120 or $ 200 depending on the version.

Windows 7 RC formally discharged

, this is a "favored" adaptation that enables clients to utilize the product for nothing for over a year and is allowed to download without the issue of constraining the quantity of downloads and actuation code. for item. This is viewed as a long haul business procedure of Microsoft before the current troublesome monetary circumstance. 

- 1 GHz CPU with 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64). 

- Minimum 1 GB of RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB of RAM (64-bit). 

- 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit) accessible hard drives. 

- Should utilize discrete video card to utilize.

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